About Denise P.Puchol

Graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Denise P.Puchol is an experienced broadcast and media content acquisition specialist. Currently, Denise P.Puchol works for Cemusa, a New York City-based company that produces street furniture, also known as outdoor advertising structures. In her capacity as a Site Survey and Permit Acquisition Administrator, Denise P. Puchol surveys various citywide locations for their advertising potential. Once a location is selected, Denise P. Puchol must obtain approval for the advertising from city agencies that review zoning regulations and land-use rules. Denise P. Puchol analyzes outdoor advertising structures throughout New York City and judges their suitability for client campaigns. Denise P.Puchol worked for 12 years as an Independent Research and Acquisition Specialist. In her capacity as a television research and acquisition specialist, Denise P. Puchol was instrumental in the production of numerous shows, such as the five-part series Say it Loud! A Celebration of Black Music in America, which was broadcast on VH1. Among Denise Puchol’s projects was World of Wonder, an interactive display piece that explored the interesting history of communication. Working with client ESI Design, Denise P. Puchol was involved in an interactive display project for the Kennedy Space Center. Denise Puchol’s personal interests include taking photographs and painting. She possesses an extensive library of online photos on sites such as Flickr and showcases some of her paintings on Open Art Collection, an online social network gallery site. Denise P. Puchol holds membership in the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) and the Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries International Ltd (FOCAL). In addition, Denise P. Puchol is a  volunteer team leader with New York Cares.


3 Responses to About Denise P.Puchol

  1. Good to see you here! We first “met” when I was doing Composition Book at Tumblr. Glad to see you’ve also moved on to WordPress. Much better world over here. 😉
    Can’t wait to see more of your posts!

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