Spring…is that you?

Just a few weeks ago the kettle pond in Forest Park was frozen over

No more ice now, instead the first signs of Spring




Golfers hitting the green….

well almost green….

The carousel will be open soon

wonder what they’re going to do with all the left-over salt?

Forest Park is one of New York City’s natural treasures, one of the last natural densely forested parks in New York City. The Wisconsin glacier molded the land 20,000 years ago and left the Harbor Hill Moraine, creating a series of small hills, known as “knob and kettle” terrain. In 1895, the first parcel of land in what would later become Forest Park was purchased. Because of the numerous landowners involved, the park had to be procured in 124 parcels. When the last of the 538 acres of land was obtained in 1898, Brooklyn and Queens were part of New York City. Thus, the original name of the planned park, Brooklyn Forest Park, was shortened to its present title. Conceived by Frederick Law Olmsted, the wandering design of the park’s main drive offers the pastoral quality evident in other New York City flagship parks planned by the renowned architect.        

Opened in 1905 as a nine-hole course, the 110-acre Forest Park Golf Links at the park’s western edge now boasts 18 holes.           

The Forest Park Carousel holds some of the last surviving creations of master wood-carver Daniel Carl Muller. The carousel was first operated in 1903 in Dracut, Massachusetts, then taken apart and stored for later use.  It received another renovation in 1988 and began operating again in the summer of 1989.” Parks Dept.


About Denise P. Puchol

Always carrying a pocket camera to photograph random spots throughout the five boroughs of New York City and to share a little of the history.
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2 Responses to Spring…is that you?

  1. Still too much nauseating March brown in these shots, but I’m encouraged… 😉

    Great post. Never heard of Forest Park before, but if Olmstead was involved, I’m a fan.

  2. B- completely agree, but seeing the new buds and the daffodils pushing up always makes me happy! D

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