odds & ends; Elevated Acre

various spots photographed over the past months……

“Rogers Marvel Architects won an international open competition to transform this one-acre elevated plaza in New York’s financial district. The project turns a barren, windswept hard deck into a vibrant, multi-programmed, accessible public park. Sculptural escalators, elevators, plantings, and terraces encourage pedestrians to enter from the street level below. Part of the Green Necklace that will encircle Manhattan, the Elevated Acre offers new panoramic views of the Brooklyn Bridge and New York Harbor.” 2005


About Denise P. Puchol

Always carrying a pocket camera to photograph random spots throughout the five boroughs of New York City and to share a little of the history.
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2 Responses to odds & ends; Elevated Acre

  1. mthew says:

    Plus, falcons! Peregrine falcons have been nesting above the Acre for years now at 55 Water St. (Also nice views of my favorite neo-Florentine palazzo, the First Precinct building on Old Slip.)

  2. Thanks for the info mthew! — I’m there 1-2 times a month & will be on the lookout for the falcons

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