newtown creek and grand st. bridge

The Newtown Creek has been one of the most polluted waterways in NYC for over 150 years.

Newtown creek for many years has been a source of nuisance. It receives the contents of several of the large sewers of Brooklyn [and from] factories of various descriptions, oil refiners, fat inciters, gut cleaners, distilleries, car stables, super-phosphate factories, ammonia works, varnish works, and last, but not least, immense piles of stable manure, stored for future shipment, the refuse from all of which runs into the creek, and polluting the waters to such an extent as to have killed all the fish. ” 1898 report

The Grand Street steel-truss swing bridge over the creek has remained almost unchanged since it was opened in 1903 after the two previous bridges at the site were deemed unsatisfactory.

                                                  Queens to the East

                                                Brooklyn to the West


About Denise P. Puchol

Always carrying a pocket camera to photograph random spots throughout the five boroughs of New York City and to share a little of the history.
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